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No more bites. No more itch.

RepelZika_Completely Safe

Completely Safe

Not all natural repellents are safe for children & pregnant women. Repelzika is made from food grade ingredients that are safe for the whole family.

RepelZika_Easy to Use

Easy to Use

No need to apply repellents full of harmful chemicals to every inch of your skin. Just swallow half a teaspoon and your entire body is protected.

RepelZika_Highly Effective

Highly Effective

Stimulates the body’s own immune system for protection against Mosquitos, Blackflies, Horseflies, Midges, No see ums, and Sandflies

RepelZika_Good for You

Good For You

Made from bio-available minerals that are essential for a healthy functioning body and strong immune system.

A repellant strong enough for explorers, yet safe enough for children.

RepelZika is a completely natural & safe mineral supplement. A drinkable mineral water concentrate so you can stop applying sticky, harmful bug repellents to your skin. Why is it that somepeople can go into mosquito zone unscathed? Science has proven that the body’s own immune system has the capacity to protect us against mosquitoes. Our skin can produce a vapour that makes us invisible to mosquitoes and other biting insects. RepelZika is a concentrated formula of powerful bio-minerals that boosts your body’s own natural ability to create these natural repellent chemicals.

What Others are Saying About RepelZika

When I first used RepelZika I was skeptical that an orally taken supplement could work effectively. But after using it in the bush while tree planting I was pleasantly surprised. It really works!

Bradley, British Columbia

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